KMDB KELLER is a classic rock station broadcasting out of Keller, Texas USA. Tune in for a taste of the music you used to hear long ago, before the airwaves became cluttered with commercials, screaming shock jocks and other rambling stupidity. With a classic rock theme, KMDB rolls rock, blues, country, club and dance, oldies and more, in a perfect mix of entertaining, commercial free melodies.  Continue to scroll down and click on one of the players to check it out.
Meet The Staff:
Mark D "WestSide" Burns - Founder, CEO & CMO (Chief Music Officer)

WestSide has carried a music list in his pocket since his pre-teen years. Picking up his first turntable in 1967 back in the days of 45's, WestSide's rich mucical history is brought to you every week live, and 24x7 right here on KMDB Texas.

WestSide kicked off his radio career as a Pilot on JDX1029 The MotherShip of Rock Radio. Since The Ship crashed WestSide does a live show right here on KMDB on Thursdays. Kicking off at 6:30 PM and running until roughly 9 PM or thereabouts, If you have something you want to hear, post it on the KMDB Facebook page and WestSide will do his best to get it in the queue for you!  

WestSide's next project was to build a station for Peter Christian and so ZZQ1029.COM was born. Unfortunately Peter's sudden passing prevented us from a full scale launch, but the music lives on, simulcasting from KMDB.

Peace, Love & Rock and Roll!



Brad - The Animal - Wake N' Bake

The Animal was a founding father and one of the original Pilots at JDX1029. He was responsible for originally bringing us all together. Having originally worked at Z106 in Jackson, MS, The Animal brings professional DJ experience to the table, The Animal's professional mix can be heard on his Wake N' Bake show on Saturday mornings on KMDB Keller.



Chef Daryl - The Sunday Gumbo

Chef D originally brought his now famous "Sunday Gumbo" show to JDX1029 as part of the Sunday lineup. An excellent mix of blues, classic rock and off the charts hits you haven't heard in years, Chef D  now brings his show to KMDB Keller. Picking up where he left off at JDX1029, Chef D will be live on Sunday mornings from 8 to 11 AM. Grab a cup, tune in, relax and enjoy!


Pop Geezer - Pop Geezer's Internet Radio Special

Pop Geezer is a world wide Internet Radio personality, bringing his mix of Pop hits to many different stations around the universe. Pops' Internet Radio Specials are a professionally mixed collection of musical facts and history. Pop's shows are as educational as they are entertaining. Tune in to the Pop Geezer Internet Radio Special Sunday's at noon on KMDB Keller. 

Groovy Lynn - Groovy Lynn's Garage

Groovy Lynn is the most recent addition to the KMDB team. Groovy brings her years of Internet radio experience to KMDB on Friday Night's at 6:30 PM. Lynn is connected in the world of rock and roll, and often interviews top bands and artists live on her show. Groovy's classic mix of rock, blues, metal and new artists brings an awesome and refreshing sound to KMDB Keller. Tune in Friday's at 6:30 and "Put your head in the speaker!"

Peace, Love & Rock and Roll!